About Us

The world of cryptocurrency is just beginning to become mainstream, and we are seeing projects with no value, no vision, and no real usage growing to valuations of over 40 Billion dollars. This is based on marketing alone and not a result of the projects solving any real problems or bringing any real world usage to the table. These projects all rise quickly and people who get in early enough make a lot of money, but eventually the bottom falls out, people realize that the coin is completely useless, and the value drops as quickly as it rose. This project aims to take the lessons from those projects in creating awareness and a strong community being crucial to the coins success, but also in creating something that actually serves a purpose, provides utility to its users, and therefore will continue to grow and have longevity.

Just like cryptocurrency, social media has taken the world by storm in the last decade, transforming the way most young people get their news, entertainment, and trends. This creates the perfect opportunity to form a symbiotic relationship between influencers, followers, and cryptocurrency. By creating a token designed to be used as the currency of social media, given as tips to influencers, used to purchase subscriptions and merchandise, used to give rewards to followers and do promotions, and facilitate any peer to peer transactions, it will benefit the entire ecosystem and all parties involved. It removes high fees that people have to pay to third parties and lets people keep their hard-earned money. Best of all, HoneyGram is completely decentralized so cannot be censored, taken down, or altered by any websites or third parties.

As the world becomes more globalized and interconnected, people are interacting with nations that they might not have ever interreacted with before. It’s now common for an influencer to have fans in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, and anywhere else you can imagine. Unfortunately, methods of payment are different for each country you go to making it difficult to have anything standardized. Paying with Venmo will not be an option to someone outside the United States, same as paying with AliPay will not work outside of China. HoneyGram solves this problem as it is a universal currency that anyone with an internet connection can access and use.

As already mentioned, marketing drives the majority of interest in new cryptocurrency projects, and social media is the new standard for marketing, so forming a partnership with social media influencers to accept, promote, and use a cryptocurrency is a clear path to success. If we can achieve a large enough network of influencers who want to use HoneyGram, and they regularly share it with their followers who in turn buy and use it, we will have created an extremely valuable product that we can all benefit from.